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Fastboot is a widely used and mandatory tool for Android developers and for those users who need it. For example, to change the ROM or install a custom Recovery, for example, root device. These tools work in command mode, from an MS-DOS window. So, at first glance for many users, it can be confusing and even complicated. Android Fastboot Reset Tool is a tool provided by Android to flash files and modify some software factors. That is, with it we can open the bootloader and change the ROM.

Android Fastboot Reset Tool requirements

Android Fastboot Reset Tool

To be able to make use of fast boot we will need the corresponding binaries and the dependencies, in the form of .dll libraries. The list of these files is:

  • Good internet connection
  • High-quality USB cable
  • exe

What is the Android Fastboot Reset Tool and when is it necessary to use it?

The Fastboot is a tool provided by Android to flash files and modify some software factors. For example, you’ve probably heard of a mobile that has the Bootloader blocked. Well, thanks to the Fastboot you can unlock the Bootloader to change the ROM of your terminal. To enter the Fastboot, consult the guide of your phone, although it is usually the power button + vol up.

But you can ask yourself, why do I want to use the Bootloader if I can flash a ROM for recovery? We will explain it to you in a simple way, an installation via Fastboot installs a factory image. The system is pure and clean. A flash by Recovery installs a compressed ROM in .zip format. It is not bad, but the Recovery takes into account the files available to the phone and can give us problems, the Fastboot does not. download Google account manager apk

We give you a simple example. So, you can understand it. Imagine that you have installed a recovery that for some reason does not load, or gives errors. You could not flash any file or fix it in principle. However, via Fastboot you can flash another recovery or the factory image that contains the original recovery.

Basic commands for the Android Fastboot Reset Tool

Flash by command can scare you at first, but then you discover how simple, fast, and efficient it is. In some terminals, the commands change, but there is common terminology for all Android terminals that you should know. Also, it is easy to remember, since its name tells us what we are doing. Let’s see it!

  • If you want to check that your mobile is connected: fastboot devices
  • If you want to flash a ROM: fastboot flash (name of the rom) .zip
  • If you want to flash a recovery: fastboot flash recovery .img
  • If you want to flash a kernel: fastboot flash boot boot.img
  • If you want to boot in recovery: fastboot boot recovery.img
  • If you want to unlock the bootloader: fastboot OEM unlock
  • If you want to block the bootloader: fastboot OEM lock

There are more commands, and there may be small variations depending on the terminal, but that list of commands can help you when you find a tutorial on how to flash a file and not clear how it is done. Another advantage of Fastboot is that today we find flash_all_bat files that perform the process automatically, without you having to write a single command.

If your terminal does not start if you want to flash a factory image, a modified kernel or unlock your bootloader. The Fastboot is the best tool to modify files on Android. Its use is very safe because if a file is not compatible, Fastboot will not allow it to be installed.

Android Fastboot Reset Tool Free download link here

Download Link→ Android Fastboot Reset Tool

How to install fast boot in Windows

Download the executable file (.exe) by clicking here.

Install normally following the instructions.

When finished, the window will open through which you can send the commands to your mobile.

Alternatively, there is this option (the installation of this option is based on type Y to install or N not to install).

Install fast boot on Mac OS X

Download this ZIP file.

Extract the ZIP file and put it in a folder named Android on the desktop.

Open a new terminal window.

Enter the following: cd /Desktop/Android

Install fastboot on Linux

If you do NOT have Ubuntu, run the following command in a terminal window to install the necessary repositories. If you have Ubuntu installed, you should only run the command

indicated. Command: sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb android-tools-fast boot. This distribution already comes with the necessary repositories.

Android Fastboot Reset Tool live tutorial work.

Final thought,

Fastboot is also a software tool with which we can communicate and modify parts of an Android smartphone (connected via a USB cable) from a computer. With the Android Fastboot Reset Tool, we will be able to unlock the bootloader, flash a recovery, flash the complete firmware, or restart the device in recovery mode. Before starting to launch commands, the first thing we must do is to make sure that the fast boot has detected the Android phone that we just connected to the PC.

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