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MTK Droid Tool is a new tool for Android smartphones developed by MediaTek Inc. This software used to root a device and even to flash new firmware and to make a backup. MediaTekInc developed this tool especially for devices that have MediaTek chipset. This tool is compatible with all MediaTek devices and comes with all the new features. In addition to that, it is very easy to use. If you own a smartphone of this and wish to root or flash your Android device, you can quickly do so with it.

Features of MTK Droid Tool

MTK Droid Tools

  • Root smartphones easily.
  • Stock firmware backup.
  • Create scatter file.
  • Repair IMEI.
  • Recovery backup.

How to root any device with MTK Droid Tool

Once downloaded and unzipped the program, you will create a folder with the following files. The file of the translation, after downloading it, you will have to unzip it and paste it into that folder too.

You need to have marked on the device the option “USB Debugging” in “Settings” – “Development options,” as well as “Unknown sources” in “Settings” – “Security.” When you open the tool for the first time, you will see the following work environment:

When you connect the device, make sure it is recognized and check what color appears in the lower left corner.

MTK Droid Tool Connect device

Depending on the color indicated by the program, you will have different options:

Blue: The device is not rooted. If possible, the tool itself will root it.

Yellow: The device is rooted, but you need to access the permissions. Click on “ROOT” and accept the window that opens. If asked, accept the root permissions on the phone.

Green: The device is ready to use with the tool. You will see the name of the device and then “root shell.”

Red: Loss of connection, check that the cable is working correctly.

If you have the device connected and in the lower left corner you see the green color, you can work with the MTK Droid Tools. In the program, there are two tabs: “Phone information” and “Root, Backup, Recovery.”

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Phone information

In this tab, you will get information about the phone, the model, IMEI, etc. Also, you have a series of available functions:

The “Copy clipboard” button is used to copy this information and paste it into a text document.

The “Replace IMEI” button is used to repair IMEIs if, for some reason, you have lost them.

Note: changing the IMEI of a telephone is a crime punishable by law in some countries.

The “Map of Blocks” button informs you of each of the memory blocks that comprise the phone. From there you can create a scatter-loading file that allows you to install the ROM again.

Root, Backup, Recovery

In this tab you have the most used functions of the tool, among which are:

“Backup”: makes a copy of the ROM, with the option to include the data and the cache, as well as save a copy in the SD. Also prepare the ROM to install from the recovery custom (CWM), saving it in the folder “clockwork mod” of the SD.


SuperUser”: With this option, you can reinstall the application that manages the root. Also, it installs other applications. In the next window you can choose between “SuperSu” from Chainfire and “Superuser” from ChainsDD, both are available on Google Play.

Recovery and boot

Recovery and boot allows you to make a modified recovery (CWM) from the “boot.img” file of the copy made with the “Backup” option or the ROM downloaded from your device.

Check the last box, labeled “select boot.img file” and click on the “Recovery and Boot” button. A window to select the file will appear, it is in the “backups” folder. You can also find it in the official ROM folder if you have downloaded it.

File selection

Click on “Open”; a window will pop up asking if you want to do the Recovery CWM automatically, press “Yes.”

MTK Droid Tools All version download

MTK Droid Tools download

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