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Welcome to the privacy policy of the Read our policy carefully. We committed to give privacy to our readers. Through this document regulates the personal data provided by users, visitors and interested in the services offered by this portal. You can consult the information with us.

Content and acceptance

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to disclose the manner in which the personal data accessed through the services associated with this Website is collected, processed and protected. So that, it may be freely and voluntarily determined if you wish. Provide your personal information through the forms provided for this purpose.

Likewise, the Privacy Policy regulates the processing of personal data provided in the past by you through other means unrelated to the MTK Rom. It may be provided in the future concerning this Policy. Do not contradict the expressly accepted by you at the time of providing the data.It will be respected in any case.

Also, you will be provided with the appropriate technical resources. So that, before the completion of personal data, you can access this Privacy Policy and any other relevant information on the Protection of Personal Data.

The access and use of the MTK Rom imply that you accept in full and you are obliged to fully comply with the terms and conditions. As well as in the provisions contained in the Legal Notice and Conditions of Use, the Policy of cookies.If applicable, the General or Specific Contract Conditions of any other services. The documents as a whole are configured as the applicable Legal Texts.Dmca

The provision of the MTK Rom service has a limited duration.At the time you are connected in your case to the Website or any of the services that are provided through it. Therefore, you must carefully read said Legal Texts in each of the occasions in which you propose to use the MTK Rom. These may be modified by new or legislative requirements and jurisprudential or business needs.

This Privacy Policy will be valid for the personal data obtained from this Website or other services of the MTK Rom. However, if you formalize your registration or association with the Website through any social network.Use instant messaging application, network or similar system.You will be authorizing that said network or system deliver data to the MTK Rom.

In the terms provided in the Privacy Policy of the network or system in question in each case. Anyhow, it will be your responsibility to consult said Policy prior to granting your authorization.

It is possible that this Privacy Policy must be updated. Therefore, it is necessary that you review this policy periodically and, if possible, each time you access the Website in order to be adequately informed about the type of information collected. You can find the Privacy Policy button at the bottom of the Website.Along with the about us, the Cookies Policy, the Conditions of Use, and the Contract Conditions when applicable.

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