Since the beginning of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), MTK Rom has taken and continued to take the DMCA very seriously. We registered with the US Copyright Office in 1998 following the law and continued to keep the registration information up to date.

Below you will find instructions for preparing and submitting a notice to MTK Rom which will ensure that your Ad is treated as soon as possible. The information that we share below has been developed through many years of experience in the management of advertising of the copyright law of DMCA. It does not matter if you represent a large corporation with tons of copyrighted materials. You are a small individual with only one copyrighted work. Your right is important to us. We will do everything necessary to protect your copyright under the DMCA.

MTK Rom and DMCA

The DMCA only allows you to have the copyrights or an agent legally authorized by the copyright owner who legally sends DMCA News. If you are not the copyright holder or its authorized agent, and you have information about what you believe is copyrighted work in our service, please direct your findings to the owner of the rights of copyright. Author. Legally, under the DMCA, only the possessor of the author’s rights can identify his property. Also, affirm about the penalty of plagiarism that must be eliminated.

The Internet is a complex place. There are many protocols and applications besides the Web. New methods for sharing information are created all the time. It would be virtually impossible for even the most tech savvy to keep up with all the ways. In which the Internet can be used to share information. We do not believe that technological progress is a bad thing. It is simply a reality that the Internet presence.

Due to a constantly changing environment, and the complexity of controlling the Internet. In general, concerning copyrighted materials, new businesses have been formed to do just this in the digital world on behalf of copyright holders. These copyright and trademark protection companies have developed systems to monitor the Internet in general. We have created an interest to keep up with the new Internet technologies for our clients. To better protect yourself from Internet violations, we encourage copyright owners to turn to companies like these.

The DMCA requires that we maintain a policy that provides for the termination, in appropriate circumstances, of the subscribers and account owners of our system or network. Who repeatedly commit violations? DMCA does not provide the definition. MTK Rom has defined as repetitive in factors to be the least possible of the definition – two incidents.

Subscriber will not recover their publishing privileges until we receive a clear confirmation that future infractions will not occur. We receive a second DMCA notice for the publication of an

unauthorized article after receiving the clear confirmation. We will close the account or prohibit the publication from that account, as it seems best to MTK Rom. Contact page.

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