CM2 Dongle Manager (V1.81) Latest Setup Download

CM2 is the flash tool to repair and flash all kinds of Chinese devices. This tool is also used for other purposes. However, for your Chinese mobile device, you can use this tool to unlock, changing IMEI as the best tool. This tool is easy to use. Use the latest version of the CM2 Dongle setup download. From this website, you can download the latest version of this software because this software provided here is tested and works 100%. Dongle manager smart card download oale x1 firmware latest  version

What is CM2 Dongle Manager 2024?

cm2 card manager

Just ok button click

cm2 dongle manager

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Download Cm2 dongle setup mtk  V2.21

The abbreviation of the CM2 setup is Chinese Miracle 2. It is the flash tool for most Chinese mobile devices. However, this software is a free Infinity-Box software. Like third-party software, you will get it on many other websites. But we offer the latest version of CM2 Dongle Manager 2024. As a Chinese tool, you can repair a wide range of mobile phones. This tool comes with many features. It is software for flashing Android devices to solve any Android device software problems, such as unlocking, flashing, and repairing. cm2 dongle setup latest download

download Miracle box driver latest version install for  PC/ laptop 64/32 bit

Features of CM2 Dongle Manager 2024

There are many features of CM2. Let’s see the main features of this tool.

  • With this tool, you can reset the user code, and read the codes, of all MTK devices.
  • This tool can repair WiFi.
  • You can add the MTK languages.
  • It is the best repair tool for Chinese Android devices.
  • This tool can read and also write the FW flash.
  • You can read all the security information on your phone.
  • You can also write and read NV RAM, dump flash, etc.
  • You can unlock the fingerprint lock and the user lock.
  • You can repair IMEI 1 and IMEI 2.
  • Also, you can unlock the code reader, and lock SP.
  • You can reset the FRP privacy settings.
  • This tool can repair ExtData.
  • With this tool, you can repair the unknown baseband.
  • This tool extracts the phone book.
  • Extract the video, the images, and the gallery.
  • You can configure modem files.
  • You will get the fast boot mode in this software. cm2 dongle manager’s latest setup
  • It is the best tool to solve all kinds of software problems. 

How to flash MTK phones with CM2 Dongle Manager 2024

There are many reasons the cm2 tool’s latest setup is why we can flash our phone; we flash our phone when it is bricked. It happens when it enters an infinite loop of restarts, it stays stuck in the operator’s logo or sometimes it does not turn on. This happens for various reasons, but the most common are the bad installation of some custom ROM, a badly rooted phone, or some application with a bad reputation. These are just some of the causes for which the phone is bricked. We will have to carry out this process so that you can recover your phone.

The first thing you should keep in mind before continuing with the tutorial. It is to have your installable or flashable ROM from the flash tools. So, if you have your Rom, you can search for your Rom from the Google search engine or similarly. cm2 mtk setup

Requirements to flash any MTK Phone with Flash Tools

Have the rom of your phone that is flashable from flash tools Dongle manager cm2

Download and install the preloader and USB vcom drivers from your phone

Download and install flash tools version 5.1352

Download CM2 dongle driver latest version

The process to flash any MTK Phone

Step 1

The first thing we have to do is proceed to install the CM2 Dongle Manager’s latest VCOM drivers. If you have Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 you must disable the use of signed drivers. In some cases, install the CM2 driver. At the top is the link that will take you directly to the drivers so you can download them, you can also search your drivers first by looking for the features of your phone. Locate the chipset or MediaTek processor of your phone, and based on it look for the drivers. The most common is the MediaTek MT6572, MT6582, and MT6562 processors among many others. dongle manager cm2. Easy download emergency download driver.msi

Step 2

As a second step, we must run the SP Flash Tools, and select the “Scatter-loading” option. In the window that opens select the Scatter file that is inside the ROM folder (it is a .txt file). This file will load into the program and proceed with the next step.

Step 3

Once the previous step has been performed, the ROM files are automatically loaded into the program, we leave everything like this and proceed to click on the green button at the top left that says “Cm2 setup Download.” Now the program is waiting for us to connect the phone to the PC, to start the process.

Step 4

In this step what we will do is connect our phone to the PC using the USB cable, if the drivers are installed and everything is fine the program will recognize the phone and start charging. We wait for it to finish loading and READY! We have installed the software on our phone. If the phone does not detect you then try pressing the “Volume-” button at the same time you connect the phone to the PC. Now it can load the software, and in a few minutes, you will have your mobile ready.

After disconnecting the phone from the PC and before turning it on for the first time, you must do a Hard Reset. It is to prevent it from hanging on the start. If you have lost your IMEI after the process has been completed, you should see SIM Invalid, follow these steps to solve the problem.

CM2 Dongle Manager 2018

CM2 Dongle Manager latest setup 2024 download

CM2 Dongle Manager latest V1.81

infinity box cm2mtk new version latest Setup: Download

Final thought,

CM2 Dongle Manager is developed by Infinity-Box. Sometimes 188 updates were verified by users of our Update Star client application last month. CM2 runs on the following operating systems: Android / Windows. The download file has a size of 45.6MB.

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