SPD CPU flash tool Research/Upgrade Downloader (2024)

Dear smartphone and feature phone users, are you looking for a flash ROM of your phone? You are in the right place. SPD flash tool is one of the best flash tools for flashing PAC firmware of smartphones and featured phones. There are many flash tools on the market. This tool is safe to use. Its simple and easy user-friendly interface makes it awesome. Here we present the research/upgrade downloader of this tool.

SPD Flash Tools

Features of SPD 7731 flash tool

Simple and user-friendly interface. Beginner-level users can manage it easily. Load the firmware, connect your device, and start the download.

All SpreadTrum devices are supported. If your device has a Spreadtrum chipset, this tool works on your phone.

Using the SPD 7731 flash tool you can flash the PAC firmware of all phones. Just click on “Start downloading” to flash your device.

You can also flash the p5c firmware with this tool. It’s processed similarly to PAC firmware flashing.

USB Driver: Download

SPD 7731 Flash tool Update Version: Download 

Hope you will need it frp bypass apk download

How to flash PAC file on the phone with the SPD tool


  • ROM file .pac
  • Download and extract SPD_Upgrade_Tool (download the latest version)
  • Download and extract drivers or these drivers, below I tell you how to install them
  • Phone USB cable
  • Windows computer

Install drivers

If the driver comes with an installer, an executable file such as setup.exe or something, just follow the instructions of the installer, if it does not come with the installer, follow these instructions:

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Connect the phone to the USB cable to the computer (if Windows does not detect the phone when connecting it, try to connect it while pressing the Volume key-).
  • In Device Manager, you should see a device with a yellow icon.
  • Right-click on the device with the yellow icon (it should appear as Spreadtrum or something similar) and select from the menu: Update driver software.
  • In the next window click on Browse and there it looks for the extracted folder of the drivers.
  • Click next and wait for it to install.

Flashing phone

Run the file: UpgradeDownload.exe. Turn off the phone. Connect the phone to the computer with the USB cable (if Windows does not detect the phone when connecting it, try to connect it while pressing the Volume key-).In the upgrade download, click on Load Packet.

Select the .pac ROM file and wait for it to extract the content. Click on: Start downloading. Wait until the flashing ends. The device will reboot, and the program will show you a green mark indicating that it has been successfully flashed. Ready!!

Before trying to solve the problem:

  • Make sure the driver is installed
  • Try another USB cable
  • Use another USB port
  • Try another computer
  • Use another version of Upgrade Download

If this tool cannot installed on your PC or laptop, download the ADB driver and re-install it.

Final thought,

SPD 7731 flash tool is developed by SpreadTrum Communications. It works on all Windows operating systems. If you want to flash PAC and P5C firmware on your device, this tool is beneficial for you.

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