Mi Unlock Tool Latest Update 2024 100% Work

In case anyone still has not heard Xiaomi has started to block the boot loader of their terminals. This for some will not have any implication. Here we bring the MI unlock tool MI Flash Unlock latest update which 100% work.

To start a lot of the work I develop the apps I can do it because I’m a root user. Which I cannot do now, since the company decided to turn off the tap and leave all users (well some for now) without the possibility of having that privilege.

Partly I understand their decision since according to them they argue. It is because the unofficial vendors modified the operating system of the phones they sold to install apps with malware or simply advertise. From this, I can attest, that I have found many Xiaomi apps that do not match those that come from home.

Mi Unlock Tool MI Flash Unlock Download

Mi unlock tool

This MI unlock tool always supports two types of ROM. The developers and the stable ones. Leaving the first with root access so you could do and undo your whim. Come on, what is a free system, if you wanted something closed would have another type of phone?

What is the bootloader?

The bootloader is the first thing that runs immediately after turning on the phone. For example, you can check if the operating system is approved by the manufacturer. Decide which version of the kernel to use.

Once we know what is blocked, we will see how it is unlocked. First of all, we are going to need a tool that Xiaomi provides us at the following address. mtk-rom.com download.html. After that, we can download by pressing the download button.

Download MIFlashUnlock tool

Once downloaded we must open the file and execute the MI unlock tool“MiFlashUnlock.” After the conditions of use have been accepted, we will get a screen where we will have to fill in our mi account data. Otherwise, we will create one if we do not yet have it and we will start a session. download the Mi Flash Tool

After checking our account will tell us if we can or cannot unlock our phone, the normal thing is that the answer is negative. We need the permission of Xiaomi and until this point of the process, we have not asked for it yet.

For this, we will have to click on the “Go” button that redirects us to the Xiaomi website to request authorization. The page in question can be found at the following address mtk-rom.com. It will begin the process by clicking on the button indicated in the image.

Enter data and take into account the following:

  • The name must be the same as it appears in our Xiaomi account.
  • If we convert the page to understand it, the “+” will not appear on the phone, and the message will not arrive.
  • The phone number must be the same as the one that appears in our Xiaomi account.
  • The reasons must be written in Chinese. Use Google Translate or hire a Chinese who knows better English.
  • Finally, accept the conditions and press the green button.
  • By clicking on the green button, we will go to a new screen. On the screen, we have to enter the code that Xiaomi has just sent us by SMS.

We only have to click on the green button. Wait for Xiaomi to authorize us to unlock the bootloader of our terminal.

But do not worry, do not be in a hurry it takes about ten days to send you the authorization. Once with the SMS, we go to the previous web but this time we are going to download the MI Unlock tool. Turn off the mobile device, and turn it on again by pressing the key on + volume low for several seconds. Then connect the mobile to your computer. Use the original USB cable if possible to avoid any kind of error.

Mi unlock tool latest update 2024 100% work

Mi unlock tool 


It is connected you should simply press where it says Unlock Now. We will wait for the process in question to end. As you will see in this way you would already have unlocked the phone with the MI unlock tool.

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