Mi Flash Tool Xiaomi 64 bit all version Download

Mi Flash Tool is a smartphone firmware flashing tool which allows the users to flash firmware in any Xiaomi devices.  Xiaomi company officially develops the tool for their smartphone devices and tablets. Apart from flashing firmware, its allow the user to fix other phone’s software related issues. Besides, you can restore your default ROM from the previously used custom ROM. You can also upgrade your Xiaomi phone to the latest MIUI OS. The newly released Xiaomi flash tool supports both 32 and 64-bit operating systems.

The Mi flash tool is an automated tool which is compatible with Mi PC Suite. As a result, users can quickly flash their phone without any further issues. In this article, we will discuss the flash tool features and its download process.

Mi Flash Tool Xiaomi 64 bit all version Download

Mi Flash Tool Features

The Xiaomi flash tool comes with a lot of useful features. As it officially comes from Xiaomi, it didn’t do any harm to your device. Here is some information about the features of this flash tool:

Built-in Drivers

The Xiaomi Mi flash tool comes with an integrated USB driver which also includes ADB tools, RNDIS driver, Microsoft MTP, Qualcomm USB Driver, etc. So, you will not need to download the drivers manually to work with the flash tool.

Three Flash Options

There are three types of flashing option in the flash tool. They are full flash, full flash without storage, and full flash expects data and storage. Full flash means your smartphone data and storage data will be deleted. Full flash without storage and data mode will not delete data and storage of your phone.

Easy Installer

The Xiaomi flash tool comes as an installer. That means you will need to install a .exe file to run the program. However, in the drivers and other tools will automatically installed in your device after running the installer.

Easy User-interface

The flash tool comes with a very friendly user-interface. As a result, users can easily install it. Besides, they can also get help from Xiaomi support team about any issues related to the tool.

Unbrick Xiaomi Phone

Sometimes smartphones become unusable at the time of flashing with third-party tools. If you have a bricked Xiaomi phone, you can unbrick it with the flash tool.

Download Mi Flash Tool Xiaomi 64 bit

The Xiaomi flash tool is the only official tool to flash your Xiaomi smartphone. You can flash all the Xiaomi phones and tablets including Redmi Redmi series, Mi series, and Mi Pad. The flash tool uses fastboot method for flashing. As a result, you can complete the full flashing process within a short time.

If you have a Xiaomi device and if you want to flash it, you should use the latest version of the tool. The newest version comes with an improvement in performance and features. Besides, the latest version support both 32 and 64-bit operating system PC. However, you must have Windows 7 or any recent

Mi Flash Tool Xiaomi 64 bit all version Download

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Mi Flash Tool Zip password:www.firmwaretoday.com

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