How to unlock mi account Easy Guideline Tool

Xiaomi is one of the most famous companies regarding quality and price. The company has always opted to offer the best specifications at a contained price. Also, the set was completed with MIUI. Its inception was one of the most famous ROMs of Android. Today we will show you how to unlock mi account of Xiaomi phones. So that, you can use your phone without problems.

One of the features of MIUI, the personalization layer of the Xiaomi mobile brand. It runs on Android, is that it asks you to register an account. The MI account is personal and non-transferable and is one of the most important security elements in your Xiaomi smartphone, since no one can unlock it except you, not even a mobile repair service. Mi account unlock tool

How to unlock mi account easily without the password

How to unlock mi account

If you are a new user of Xiaomi, it is difficult to unlock mi account from your device. Here we show you how to unlock mi account step by step.

Restore the phone to the factory

Many times there is usually a time when we decided to reset our phone. This may be because for months you have been accumulating all kinds of photos, files, and applications. All that you want to undo at a stroke. But also because you want to sell it and do not want to deliver it with any of your files. USB Driver download

Remove SIM, SD and Internet connection via Wi-Fi

Before doing this task disable internet connection, Wi-Fi. Remove sim and memory card from your device. Restart your phone. Do not log in. Skip every one of the steps that require a login.

Under Developer Options, select OEM unlocking and USB debugging

You must customize the developer option for setting. Select OEM and USB debugging. Enable USB debugging on Android 4.4 and higher. Menu> Settings> about the device (About phone or tablet)> Build number (Click on the number 4-8 times until a message tells you that it has already become a developer)> Return to Settings> Unlock Options Developer> Check USB Debugging. Mi Flash Tool Xiaomi 64 bit all version Download

Activate Wi-Fi and Link your phone to the mi account

After activating OEM and USB debugging option turn on the Wi-Fi connection. Turn off your phone. Start the phone in fast boot mode pressing volume down + power button. Connect the

phone to PC and run it through MI Unlock to unlock the boot loader. Your phone becomes mi account unlocked.

Create a smart password and use LastPass

The use of a password manager can be very useful for you not to have to remember each of them. This type of programs stores all our passwords online safely.

You can use apps like the password manager LastPass or Password Safe. It also allows encrypting all passwords on our device. In any case, it is advisable to change each password every so often – usually once a year – as a security measure.

Use double authentication

Experts say that it is no longer enough to have a password. So, many emails and social network services already incorporate two-step authentication. It consists of creating a second layer of additional protection in the form of a temporary password.

Its operation is very effective against the blocking of possible entry doors to confidential information stored in these services. It consists of obtaining a second temporary access code of six digits. It reaches our device in the form of a text message, each time you log in to a new device.

Make backup copies of all data and contacts of the mobile, especially in the cloud. So that, they are never lost and are available at anytime from anywhere.


It’s important to know everyone how to unlock mi account? Once you create this account, it is essential that you memorize the password or have it written down somewhere, since you may have a problem if you lose it. However, many users have found the unpleasant surprise that after accepting a recent update via OTA to have the latest version of MIUI, v8. They have found that the phone asked them for the password of their MI account. When I entered it, I told them that it was incorrect, with which the smartphone remained blocked.

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